Welcome to The Network Music Conference INDIE Fest, the foremost Independent music festival dedicated to showcasing the absolute best independent talent from across the country. Our carefully selected Music Acts will have the incredible opportunity to perform on one of our 6 stages, capturing the attention of A&Rs, Music Industry Executives, Investors, and many more influential figures in attendance.

In a unique approach, each of our six stages will be individually partnered with  local radio stations, ensuring maximum awareness and exposure of the event for the general publics participation as well. This collaboration will not only create an electrifying atmosphere but also boost the visibility of our talented artists.

At The Network Music Conference Indie Fest, we aim to celebrate the diversity and innovation of independent music while offering a gateway for artists to connect with key players in the music industry. Our festival is not just a stage, but a stepping stone in the musical journeys of these talented creatives.

Join us as we unite music lovers, industry professionals, and the finest independent acts for an unforgettable and inspiring experience!


Submit your application below to be considered for this incredible opportunity.  If selected, you’ll receive 5 badges, granting you access to the entire conference. Yes if your band is selected you will get the Entire TNMC experience for just $50 per band member. But that’s not all! We’ll also provide you with additional marketing opportunities at TNMC like your song featured on the official compilation, ensuring maximum exposure for your talent. Plus, by submitting your form, you’ll join our performance network, opening doors for future gigs at bars, restaurants and events throughout the year. Don’t wait any longer – showcase your music, connect with new fans and secure a spot now. 

A $50 NON-REFUNDABLE performance consideration fee is required and used to cover the costs of review, planning and management of INDIEFEST submissions and stages. This does not guarantee you a performance spot.

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I am aware that i may receive offers from TNMC and its vendors.
Price: $ 50.00
$50 NON-REFUNDABLE performance consideration fee is required and used to cover the costs of review, planning and management of INDIEFEST submissions and stages.



TNMC INDIEFEST is a Multi-Genre platform in which we truly encourage inclusion. All genres of music are encouraged to submit. If your incredible than we have a stage for you to be seen and heard.

  1. Diverse Stages: The festival’s six stages provide a varied and inclusive platform for musicians from different genres and backgrounds. This allows for a rich and diverse lineup, appealing to a broader audience and creating a vibrant musical atmosphere.

  2. Industry Exposure: Having A&Rs, Music Industry Executives, and Investors in attendance increases the chances of talented artists being discovered and offered potential career opportunities. This exposure is invaluable for independent musicians seeking to take their careers to the next level.

  3. Support Throughout the Journey: TNMC Indie Fest doesn’t merely offer a stage for performances; it also aims to assist artists throughout their musical journeys. This support could come in the form of workshops, networking opportunities, mentorship, or guidance on navigating the music industry.

  4. Nurturing Creativity: By providing a stage and professional connections, the festival nurtures creativity and fosters a positive environment for artists to explore their musical talents freely.

  5. Networking Opportunities: The festival acts as a hub where artists can connect with like-minded individuals, collaborators, and potential partners. This networking aspect can lead to future collaborations and growth opportunities.

  6. Community Building: TNMC Indie Fest contributes to building a sense of community among independent musicians. It allows artists to interact with each other, share experiences, and learn from one another.

  7. Showcasing Independent Talent: Independent musicians often face challenges in gaining exposure and recognition. TNMC Indie Fest plays a crucial role in shining a spotlight on these talents, helping to bridge the gap between independent artists and the mainstream music industry.

Overall, TNMC Indie Fest seems like an excellent initiative that brings together a supportive environment, industry connections, and exposure for independent musicians. It’s an event that aspiring artists would likely look forward to, and its impact on the music industry could be substantial by providing a platform for hidden gems to shine.

All TNMC Performances are 15-30 minutes long depending on logistics.

INDIEFEST is all ages to perform and attend. Any one under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or band representative over the age of 21 at all times. There may be age restrictions at some venues.

TNMC INDIEFEST and Showcases will be held December 6th – 9th. Submit your information on the home page for immediate updates and details.

Submissions are open until October 20th, 2023 11:59PM EST.

All performance submission fees are NON REFUNDABLE and will be collected upon completion of the form.

If you are not selected to perform then your $50 submission fee will go towards your admission via a discount code sent to your email.


THIS IS NOT A SHOWCASE! Our review process is put in place to ensure an amazing concert experience for everyone attending by showing off undiscovered UNICORN talents. Our goal with these stages are to change the lives of those who are selected to perform on them NOT to make money. 

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