The Network Music Conference & Festival

The Network Music Conference 2023:

The Network Music Conference (TNMC) is one of the nation’s premiere entertainment business
and artistry networking experience. Once a year, artists, producers, DJs, A&Rs, engineers,
marketing executives, and influencers from all over the world come together to share their
personal success stories, strategies, experiences, and encouragement to the next generation of
artists and media moguls.
Founded in 2011 by celebrity DJ and Entrepreneur DJ Slym, The Network Music Conference
has centered its focus on providing a unique and eclectic space that provokes important
dialogue, ignites creativity, and connects all attendees through music and culture. DJ Slym is
passionate about educating creatives about the entertainment space. After years of hard work,
trials, setbacks, and triumphs, he thought it was imperative of him to share the trade secrets that
could help a new creative and/or entertainer navigate the space and avoid the major pitfalls that
set him back. This conference was designed to pay it forward and provide a launchpad for the
next generation to have the keys to greater success in this industry.
Since its conception, the conference has showcased emerging talent, given platforms for new
artists to shine in a room full of music executives, offered hands-on workshops, powerhouse
panels, and once in a lifetime opportunity to network and mingle with the entertainment
industry’s finest! Without any public funding, commercial sponsorships, or any financial
assistance, we built this conference from the ground up with bare bones and a few dollars to
stretch. In 2014, our sacrificed and hard work paid off when the conference saw its largest
turnout with over 1,500 attendees. Thanks to those years of grinding, we attracted Grammy
award winning executives, producers, DJ’s, and artists such as:  Keith Clinkscales- Former CEO Of Revolt TV
 Ayo The Producer- Grammy Award Winning Producer. (Worked with Cardi B and More)  DJ Nasty- Grammy Award Winning Producer and DJ. (Producer of “All I Do Is Win” for DJ Khaled
)  Tyree “DJ Drama” Simmons- Grammy Award Winning Producer, DJ, Music Mogul and Label
In 2023, TNMC will be shaking things up in a major way and is coming with an all-new energy.
This year, the conference will be expanding to new territory with a new location and venue. Expect fun, interactive, engaging, and life changing content
that you cannot get anywhere else.
In order to enhance the experience from the inside out, ensure inclusion for all, and create an
unforgettable and interactive event, we have established an elite group of industry leaders who
will lend their various expertise and input on our Advisory Board of Directors. They will provide
insight to industry trends, special activations and showcases, and popular topics for our panels
and break-out sessions.
TNMC operates by the mantra: “Everything moves to the beat of something” which simply
means that music is in everything! In a world full of division and separation, music in all its forms
heals and unifies. This conference will reflect the ever-evolving culture and genres of artistry
that contribute to our world. We are excited to feature the inclusion of ALL musical genres

including: EDM, Rock, Country, Afrobeat, Neo soul, Haitian, Hip Hop, R&B and more! It is
critical as artists and players in any artform or creative space to appreciate and educate
themselves on the musicality found in ALL artforms. There is something to be learned from
them all. From the storytelling of country to the rhythmic-energy of EDM and the complex
cadences in AfroBeat—all are art and deserved to be learned. In order to expand the mindset
and sharpen the skills of each attendee, we believe that exposure to new and different genres is
just another benefit of attending this conference.
In addition, the conference is incorporating panelists and workshops from the fashion, sports,
and technology markets in order to engage and empower talents from every sector of
entertainment! As the industry continues to evolve and improve, it is important to ensure each
attendee receives the latest information regarding emerging digital platforms, business
strategies, industry partnerships, marketing tools, and more. Moreover, we are thrilled to offer
sessions on Web3 toolkits, NFT’s, and other blockchain technologies to teach new artists how
they can use these tactics to grow their audience, break into the industry, and build and manage
their wealth within this industry.
Many legends have graced the TNMC stages and soared to the top in their careers after
participating in this event. Attending this conference not only puts you in a position to jumpstart
your career in the entertainment industry but equips you with the knowledge and wisdom from
industry veterans, allows you to showcase your talents, and affords you the opportunity to make
meaningful connections with like-minded creatives.
Know this: This is the place for artists to be discovered and the next legendary icon will come
from TNMC! Be there.

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