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4:00PM – 4:30PM | Fashion Show & Special Performances

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UCF ROSEN COLLEGE COURT YARD November 18, 2017 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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Fashion show presented by  Naka Group & UTG (United Talent Global)





Bringing modeling and fashion under one roof for a unique and collaborative experience!
The idea and commitment behind this workshop is to pave the path for these aspiring models and fashion students from every angle of this competitive industry. Were bringing in all types of professionals from the industry ranging from Designers, Models, Model Scouts, Stylists, Makeup Artists, Photographers, Creative Directors, etc so that they can share their insights and be able to provide valuable and success-proven advice for the students. Beyond the speakers, were taking it one step further and breaking each segment down into a more hands-on workshop experience so that these students get a real-life situation based learning course. These are tips and tricks that most people starting out have to learn the hard way, so it will be rewarding them to practice and make the small mistakes now before jumping into the real world. Were excited to bring this workshop to life but were even more excited to witness these students reach new heights through these practices!
Part 1: Introduction and background information with each speaker, mentor and influencer.
             (Where they began and their biggest achievements to-date.)
Topics Covered

Intro to the Fashion & Modeling Industry
Poise and Posture
Skin, Hair and Nail Care
Modeling on a Budget
Pre-shoot Prep
Studio and On-Location Modeling
Communicating with a Photographer
Post-shoot actions
Types of Modeling
Modeling Agencies

Collaboration Rights and Wrongs
How to approach go-sees

Healthy habits as well as skin, nail, and hair care routines.

Part 2: Speakers each discuss best and worst practices.
            (Rights and wrongs, tips and tricks, do’s and dont’s)
Part 3: Break off into different segments (Designers, photographers, models, etc.)
            (More hands-on learning broken down from basics to extremes)






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